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高中英语非谓语单选的练与析,期中考必备! 相关标签:高中英语从句单选题高中英语单选题怎么做


1. Although _____of danger, tourists can't help taking photos near the cliff (悬崖).

A. having warned

B. warned

C. warning

D. to be warned



2. After suffering a heart attack, Michael Jackson was pronounced dead, ________a tragic end to the world’s most popular entertainer.

A. marked

B. to mark

C. marking

D. having marked



3. To pass the driving test, Alice had a busy month __________ driving the car.

A. to practise

B. practising

C. practised

D. practice


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:为了通过驾照考试,爱丽丝忙了一个月去练习开车。考查固定结构have a busy month (in) doing sth,这里的介词in可以省去,故选B项。

4. The country has already sent up three unmanned spacecraft, the most recent ________ at the end of last March.

A. has been launched

B. having been launched

C. being launched

D. to be launched


【解析】考查独立主格结构。句意:这个国家已经发射了三颗无人飞船,最近的在去年三月份被发射。句中没有连接词,故不能选作谓语动词的A项;由at the end of last March可知应选用表示动作完成,the most recent having been launched为独立主格结构,选B项。

5. The bird was so lucky that it missed .

A. catching

B. to catch

C. to be caught

D. being caught


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:这只小鸟很幸运,它没有被抓住。miss doing sth错过做某事。根据句义应该使用被动语态,故being caught正确。故选D项。

6. It’s said that the heaviest man in this city, _________ 1,345 pounds, has been sent to hospital to receive medical treatment.

A. weighing

B. to weigh

C. weighed

D. weigh


【解析】考查现在分词做定语。句意:据说这个城市重达1,345磅的最重的人已经被送到医院做医学检查。这句话的has been sent是谓语动词,可知前面需要填的是定语,weigh表示“重达”的时候,是不及物动词,与被修饰词man之间是主动关系,故应用现在分词,选A项。

7. I had just settled in the new place and didn’t know _____.

A. what to expect

B. what to be expected

C. how to expect

D. how tosobe expected


【解析】考查疑问词+不定式。句意:我刚刚在这个新的地方安顿下来,因此我不知道我会发生什么。expect是及物动词,用what做它的宾语,what to expect=what I will expect,是主动关系,选A项。

8. Do you consider it any good ________ psychology?

A. to learn

B. to have learned

C. learning

D. having learned


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:你认为学习心理学有好处吗?这是it做形式主语的句型:it is good doing sth的变形,这里的it做形式宾语,而本来的主语动名词,这里做宾语,选C项。

9. Outside the exit, many fans waited for the great pop singer, __________to take a picture with him.

A. hoping

B. hope

C. hoped



to hope



10.—How are things getting on with your work?

—Oh, I’m sorry. Things aren’t going so well as _______.

A. plans

B. planning

C. planned

D. to plan


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:——你的工作进展如何呢?——很抱歉。事情的进展不如计划的顺利。根据语境可知此处as是连词“按照”的意思,完整的句子应该是as they are planned,因为主、从句主语一致,而且从句中有be动词,所以可以省略they are,故选C项。

11. The time and effort he has devoted during the past few years__________ trees in that remote area is now considered to be of great value.

A. to plant

B. to planting

C. plant

D. planting


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:他在过去的这些年里在那个偏远的地区种树所付出的时间和精力被认为是值得的。短语devote sth to sth 中to的词性是介词,故to之后应为名词或动名词形式。此处表示把时间和精力花费在了种树上, 所以应为devote time and eff ort to planting trees,故选B项。

12. What’s the chance of ________ a general election this year?

A. there being

B. there to be

C. there be

D. there going to be


【解析】考查动名词的复合结构。句意:今年有换届选举的机会是吗?介词of后面接动名词,因为是there be句型,there是逻辑主语,be动词用动名词,选A项。

13. The game was so exciting to play that the boy kept his eyes and attention ________ on it, ruining both a lot.

A. fixing

B. fixed

C. to fix

D. fix


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:比赛进行得是那样的激动人心,以至于那个男孩子集中注意力紧盯着看比赛,结果眼睛和注意力都受到很大程度的损伤。短语fix one’s eyes/attention on,现在“eyes/attention”已经成为“fix”的逻辑主语,它们之间是被动关系,故用过去分词fixed。故选B项。

14. Lydia doesn’t feel like ________ abroad. Her parents are old.

A. study

B. studying

C. studied

D. to study


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:琳达不想要出国学习。她的父母老了。feel like doing想要做...…,故选B项。

15. China’s first aircraft carrier, _______ as long as 304 metres, was handed over to the People’s Liberation Army navy in 2012.

A. measures

B. measured

C. to measure

D. measuring


【解析】考查现在分词做定语。句意:中国第一个航母,长达304米,被移交给了中国人民海军。谓语是was handed..,说明这里填的是定语,measure表示“长,宽,高是…”,的时候,是不及物动词,没有被动式,用现在分词做定语,选D项。

16.Lily’s mobile phone was left in a taxi accidentally, ______ again.

A. never to find

B. to never be found

C. to never find

D. never to be found


【解析】考查不定式做目的状语。句意:莉莉的手机偶然落在出租车里面,再也没有找到。这是预料之外的结果,用不定式,如果是顺理成章的结果用现在分词,又因为mobile phone和leave是被动关系,故选D项。

17. She lay lazily in the armchair under the tree, the sun ________down through the broad leaves.

A. shone

B. shinning

C. was shinning

D. to shine


【解析】考查独立主格结构。句意:她懒洋洋地躺在树下的扶手椅里,太阳从宽大的叶子缝隙里透下来。因为句中没有连词,所以不是句子,排除A、C选项,而 the sun和shine之间是主动关系,并且表示进行,而不定式表示将来,故答案选B项。

18. He claimed _______ in the supermarket when he was doing shopping yesterday.

A. to have been badly treated

B. treating badly

C. to be treated badly

D. being badly treated



19. How many of us ______ a meeting that has nothing to do with us is not important at all.


B. to attend

C. have attended

D. attend


【解析】考查动名词做主语。句意:我们中的多少人参加一个对我们不重要的会议和我们没有关系。这里选attending是因为“attending a meeting that is not important to us”做整句话的主语,how many of us是动名词的逻辑主语,选A项。

20. In April, thousands of holidaymakers remained ______ abroad due to the volcanic ash cloud.

A. sticking

B. to be stuck

C. stuck

D. to have stuck


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:在四月,成千上万到国外度假的人由于火山灰云的影响仍然停留在国外。remain stuck被困住;remain to be stuck将要被困住;根据句意故选C项。

21. In the reading room, we found her________ at a desk, with her attention________ on a book.

A. sitting; fixing

B. to sit; fixed

C. seating; fixing

D. seated; fixed


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:在阅览室里,我们发现他坐在一张桌子旁,集中精力看一本书。be seated 就坐=sitting,fix one’s attention on集中精力于, attention和fix是被动关系,故选D项。

22. ________ with the increasing unemployment, many people went on strike in most of the European countries.

A. Facing

B. Being faced

C. Faced

D. Having faced


【解析】考查过去分词做状语。句意:面临越来越严重的失业问题,欧洲国家很多人去罢工。sb. be faced with sth.某人面临...…,这里可以用过去分词做状语,如果没有横线后没有with,就可以用facing,选C项。

23. He wondered if he could slip out of the lecture hall without anyone ________.

A. noticing

B. noticed

C. to notice

D. being noticed



24. Opposite the old town is the 5500 meters Yulong Xueshan Mountain, its peak_______ with snow.

A. is covered

B. covered

C. covering

D. covers


【解析】B考查独立主格结构。句意:在古城的对面是海拔5500米高的玉龙雪山,它的顶峰有雪覆盖着。因为句中没有连词,所以判断是独立主格结构 ,排除A、D选项,peak和动词cover之间是被动关系,故用过去分词表被动,故选B项。

25. Misunderstandings _____ from lack of social communication, unless ____ with properly, may lead t o serious problems.

A. resulted; dealt

B. resulting; dealt

C. resulted; dealing

D. resulting; dealing


【解析】考查非谓语动词。Misunderstandings和result from是主谓关系,用现在分词作定语,排除A、C;unless后省略了misunderstandings,misunderstandings与deal with是动宾关系,用过去分词表被动,相当于unless they are dealt with...,排除D。故选B项。

26. We all think that the plan you come up with ____________ the work is very practical.

A. completing

B. completed

C. to complete

D. complete


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:我们都认为你为完成这个工作想到的计划非常实用。to complete表目的,做目的状语。you come up with to complete the work是定语从句,修饰先行词plan。故选C项。

27.________ with some research materials, he decided on three possible approaches in his experiment.

A. Preparing

B. Prepared

C. Having prepared

D. Prepare


【解析】考查过去分词做状语。句意:准备好了研究材料,他决定实验的三个可能的方法。Be prepared with准备好了,所以这里用过去分词做状语,表示状态,选B项。

28.The newly-discovered evidence led to the criminal ____ to five years in prison.

A. to be sentenced

B. being sentenced

C. sentenced

D. be sentenced


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:新发现的证据使得罪犯被宣判住5年的牢。lead to导致,to为介词,故后面接doing形式。故选B项。

29._____ to drive after drinking, some drivers are still trying their luck, which is dangerous.

A. Not reminded

B. Reminded not

C. Not having been reminded

D. Having reminded not


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:被提醒不要酒后驾驶,但一些司机仍然碰运气,那是很危险的。题中的逻辑主语为some drivers,与remind之间的关系为被动关系,故用过去分词作状语。remind sb. to do的否定形式为remind sb. not to do。故选B项。

30.The policeman kept his eyes________on the screen of the computer to identify the criminal's footprints.

A. fixing

B. fixed

C. to fix

D. being fixed


【解析】考查过去分词做宾语补足语。句意:警察一直注视着电脑屏幕,来识别罪犯的脚印。这里用的是“keep+宾语+宾语补足语”的结构,因为“注视”是fix one’s eyes on,所以eyes和fix是被动关系,用过去分词做宾语补足语,选B项。

31. My doctor advised me to reduce the amount of sugar______ to the milk I drink.

A. add B. to add C. adding D. added



32. Exciting as its special effects are ________, there is too much violence in the film.

A. to watch

B. to be watched

C. watching

D. being watched


【解析】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:Exciting as its special effects are to watch, there is too much violence in the film. 这是个倒装句。意思是“尽管特技效果看起来很刺激,但是这部电影中有太多暴力镜头。”as意思是“尽管,虽然”,引导让步状语从句时要求倒装,在这句话中把表语exciting提前,如果还原一下就是:its special effects are exciting to watch ,..这样就可以看出这是固定词组:be +adj.+to do在这个句式中不定式用主动表被动。故选A项。

32. The real secret to successful learning lies in students an interest in what they are doing.

A. to take

B. taking

C. taken

D. having taken


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:学习取得成功的奥秘在于学生对于所学感兴趣。students taking an interest…是动名词复合结构作介词in的宾语。故选B项。

33. When I came in, I saw her sitting in the sofa ______ in thought.

A. to lose

B. losing

C. lost

D. being lost


【解析】考查非谓语动词。当我进来时,我看到他做在沙发上陷入沉思。be lost in thought陷入沉思,过去分词做状语故选C项。

34. With his attention _____ on his book, he didn’t notice me enter his study.

A. focusing

B. focused

C. to focus

D. focus


【解析】考查with 的复合结构。句意:他集中注意力到书上,没有注意到我进入他的书房。focus one’s attention on 集中精力于...,本题focus与attention 之间是被动关系,故选B项。

35. The play ______ next month aims at mainly to reflect the local culture.

A. produced

B. being produced

C. to be produced

D. having been produced


【解析】考查非谓语动词。句意:下个月将被制作的戏剧主要旨在反映当地的文化。根据时间状语“next month”可知没有发生的事情,故用不定式作定语,选C项。

36. Experts say ________ to sunlight for too much time will do harm to one’s skin.

A. exposed

B. having exposed

C. being exposed

D. exposing



37. Having a trip abroad is certainly good for the old couple, but it remains _______ whether they will enjoy it.

A. to see

B. to be seen

C. seeing

D. seen


【解析】B考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:到国外旅行对这对老夫妇当然有好处,但是还要看他们是否喜欢。remain后面常跟动词不定式,而且see 和it 之间存在被动关系,故选B项。

38.________ to Anne's birthday party, Mr. Brown is now searching shop after shop for a nice present for her.

A. Having invited

B. Having been invited

C. Have been invited

D. Being invited

【答案 】B

【解析 】考查非谓语动词的用法。句意:受邀参加安妮的生日聚会,布朗先生现在正搜店为她挑选一件好礼物。此处受邀参加安妮的生日聚会做原因状语,Mr. Brown与invite是被动关系,并且受邀发生在挑选礼物之前,故用完成被动式,故选B项。

39. In the job interviews job applicants often find themselves asked unexpected questions, some very difficult ____.

A. to be answered

B. to answer

C. being answered

D. answering



40. The typhoon(台风)left, a lot of damage to this area.

A. caused

B. to have caused

C. having caused

D. to cause






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